Elements of a Top Notch Presentation

The most effective way of performing a demonstration is to use a well thought out sequence and choice of words in explaining your product. Many times one of the best places to find this information is through the printed material furnished by your company. Try your company reference library, sales trainer, or sales manager.

As you go along you will also discover things for yourself through observation and experience. Combine the best of all the options you encounter and adapt them to your own style and personality for best results.

Find out the familiarity the prospect has with your product at the outset, then demonstrate it on his level according to his needs and the situation.

Elements of the demonstration:

1- First off introduce your company and the product.

2- Explain the features in a logical sequence.

3- At first demonstrate simple applications.

4- Expand applications using additional features.

5- Some of My colleges recommend letting the prospect handle the product, for a very brief period of time. ( I prefer keeping the product out of the customers’ hands completely at this point. I only want them to handle it at the very end of the presentation ).

6- Apply the product to the prospects’ needs.

7- Get agreement on the main advantages.

8- Anticipate your competition and always keep them in mind.

9- Answer objections.

10- Always be closing.

The best way to become proficient at demonstrating is by doing as many as you can and critiquing yourself, or listening to those who observed you. It is the ” Golden Rule “.

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