Ideas for Father’s Day Presents

Buying Father’s Day Presents can be a tricky endeavor. Lets face it, most dad’s all ready have everything thing they want. So what can the perfect son or daughter buy for them that they don’t all ready have? Probably nothing. But we have to try.

Okay, lets first think about what we shouldn’t buy. No, ties. Okay, if you are under the age of thirteen they may still be considered a cute present. But if you are older, you know you should be buying better presents and so does your dad. No, golf tees or balls. I don’t care if he loves golf. He has enough or can buy his own. These are not original gifts and they will make him yawn. As will cologne (even his favorite).

What is left? Sporting equipment? Maybe. Does dad really like this stuff? Does he fish, bowl, throw darts? Do you really know what he really enjoys and what kind of sporting stuff he really needs?

What about tools? The commercials say that dad’s love tools. Most dads do. But they like the electric expensive stuff. All dads have screwdrivers, tape measures and all that boring stuff. They are like kids they like the stuff that has power and makes noise.

Electronic stuff? Yes, most dads still love this, even if they can’t keep up with the ever changing world of technology. That is where the kids can help by teaching them. Get dad a new computer, a new cell phone, a new monitor, a video game machine (you may be surprised, he may like to blow up things, too, and mom will be happy that it is imaginary things).

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