Introduction To Chinese Astrology: A Brief Presentation Of The Last Six Chinese Horoscope Signs

Here is a brief presentation of the last six of the twelve Chinese Horoscope signs, their nature, characteristics and attributes. I will present them as ordered by the supreme Chinese gods that created Chinese Astrology and the Chinese calendar system. The last six Chinese horoscope animal signs are: Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig. Here we go.

Horse (Yang-male nature)

The Horse is a Chinese Horoscope sign that always expects to be free. Horse people are self confident and usually determined enough to succeed on their goals. They like to attract general attention and to be flattered, but they will know if someone really appreciates their skills or not. Another attribute of the Horse is honesty. Horse people are usually honest and genuine with others and can have a lot of friends if they choose so. You should expect to receive good advice from a Horse if you take the time to explain your situation carefully. A Horse can also be brave but at the same time too sensitive. This sensitivity may sometimes trigger their defense mechanisms for no reason.

Sheep (Yin-female nature)

The Sheep (Ram) is a very interesting Chinese Horoscope sign. It has a female nature and a lot of positive attributes like the tendency to be artistic and the interest in fashion. Sheep people are caring and they will try not to hurt others with their actions. That is why they like to think before they act. Sheep people are considered to be extremely shy. A Sheep is well mannered and can support its opinions. Sometimes, the fact that they are shy makes them insecure and they happen to say the wrong thing at the wrong time. A Sheep type of person is usually sensitive and need to feel loved and protected.

Monkey (Yang-male nature)

The Monkey is the most flexible Chinese Horoscope sign of all. Monkey people usually end up as inventors, scientists, artists or people who entertain the masses one way or the other. They are very creative and can be considered geniuses at a later stage in their lives. Monkey people tend to take control of a situation by being aware of what is going on around them. This in fact is a great gift they possess that will guide them through their lives. Another interesting attribute is their reliability. If you have a friend who is a Monkey it is likely that they will keep any secret you share with them. Monkey people are also honest, funny and they make a good company or companion.

Rooster (Yin-female nature)

The Rooster is the tenth Chinese Horoscope sign. Number ten (10) is considered a lucky number in Chinese culture and it is not a coincidence that a Rooster is supposed to be very fortunate. Rooster people like to carefully observe everything and they are usually successful with their observations. They are courageous, brave and independent spirits, but on the other hand they can become pretentious, obsessed and self absorbed. A Rooster is sociable at times and will love to meet new places and new people. Rooster people always like to be in the center of attention especially when it comes to their friends and family. They would do anything to achieve that.

Dog (Yang-male nature)

The Dog is the most loyal Chinese Horoscope sign of all. Dog people can be trusted to keep secrets or accomplish all kinds of difficult tasks as partners. If there’s one thing they like to do is to take care of their outer appearance. Dog people love good looks and can express interesting opinions about fashion and styling. Another great characteristic of Dog people is their patience, especially with other people. They use their minds to understand situations, provide smart solutions and they will usually do anything to help others. A Dog has a very positive attitude and can attract friends like a magnet.

Pig (Yin-female nature)

The Pig is the twelfth and the last sign of the Chinese Horoscope cycle. It symbolizes fertility and good fortune. Chinese believe that people who are born under this sign will be honest and they will achieve happiness that way. Pig people are indeed very honest and patient. They prefer to work behind the scene. It will take time to feel comfortable with a Pig person but once you do you will be presented with a warm heart ready to support you in any case. Pig people are peaceful creatures who like hanging around in the nature. They love mountains, lakes, meadows etc. The Pig prefers to live in the country side instead of a big city.

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