Is There A CLEAR And Present Danger?

Since, nearly everything, our national leader, does, or fails to do, as well as the level of attention, focus, decisiveness, and empathy, employed by those elected to represent us, has potential ramifications, the nation, faces challenges and obstacles, which must be addressed, in a well – considered, timely manner. Indeed, unaware, unprepared, self – serving, unfocused leadership, has the potential, to create undesirable, longer – term effects. However, there is a need, to put things, into perspective, in order to differentiate, between, mere political differences of opinion, versus, those, presenting, the possibility of a CLEAR and present danger. With that in mind, this article will attempt to identify, review, consider, and briefly, discuss, using the mnemonic approach, why this is an essential consideration.

1. Character; choices; clarity; common good; creative; caring: The first thing to evaluate, should be, the basic character, of a leader. President Trump, for example, has often appeared, to pit one against another, using an adversarial approach, rather than an unifying one. This impacts the choices made, and whether, common good, is prioritized, over self – interest and/ or political agenda. Examine whether the message is rhetoric – oriented, or, one, of clarity and facts. We need a leader, who avoids blaming, complaining, or the same – old, and proceeds, in a creative, well – considered, caring, solutions – focused, way.

2. Listen; learn; leadership; logic: Wouldn’t we be better off, if our public officials listened, more, to the people, and had, both, the willingness and ability, to truly, learn, from every conversation, experience, and history? Quality leadership considers options and alternatives, thoroughly, and uses actual logic, rather than rhetoric.

3. Empathy; emphasis; excellence; enrich: Leading should not be about an office holder, but, about needs, priorities, goals, etc, and genuine empathy. Where must they place their emphasis. We need and deserve public officials, who don’t constantly, settle for good – enough, but seek quality and excellence. An elected official should emphasize enriching our lives.

4. Attention; aptitude; articulate; aims: How we pay attention, today, often determines how, we’ll be, in the future. Leaders must enhance their skills, and develop a relevant, quality, aptitude. Listen to how someone articulates, his message, and read, between the lines, in order to acquire insight, into their real aims, goals and priorities.

5. Relevant; rationale; realistic; reasons; reasoning; reasonable: One is only proceeding, in a rational way, when he pays attention to sustainable ramifications. What is the rationale and reasoning, behind actions, and behavior? Are their reasons, pure, and reasonable?

We are presently, in a period, where today’s priorities, actions, and focus, potentially, will have significant ramifications. Protect future generations, and make our world, more sustainable.

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