What to Expect at a Timeshare Presentation

If you have been invited to take part in a timeshare presentation you may be wondering what to expect. Simply getting your free dinner and walking away may be a little more difficult than one might expect. Remember you are dealing with salespeople who are skillful at what they do, hence they are often hard to resist.

Typically, the presentation will include an introduction with a sales representative. They will tell you what to expect and try to find out a little bit of information about you. Where you like to vacation, the amenities you would love to have, and, of course, they will try to gather how much money you have and how serious you are about purchasing a timeshare. If they feel you have a lot of money the sales pitch will be intense. If they don’t think you are likely to buy, you will still be asked a lot of personal information so the sales person can choose which approach to come at you with in order to get the sale.

There will be speakers offering exciting information about how great the timeshare is and the amenities and perks that are included when purchasing their timeshare. They will ask if there are any questions. If you ask questions be warned that they will use your questions in an attempt to make you more susceptible to a an even tougher sales pitch.

If they see you vacillating on your decision the pressure will intensify. They will try to have you sign a timeshare contract immediately and will tell you that you have to sign that day or you will lose out on certain amenities. Do not believe this. If you are seriously thinking about a timeshare and this is a reputable company they will honor your request to take as much time as you need to make sure this is the right decision for you and your family. They will want you to be happy with your purchase and will be less likely to scam you out of lots of money with increases in fees and maintenance costs.

If you are seriously considering purchasing a timeshare unit, make sure you do your homework and research the company involved. The end result about signing a timeshare contract without fully understanding what it entails is not a pretty one. Many timeshare consumers find themselves stuck with a timeshare unit that they no longer want but are stuck with it because they cannot get out of their contract.

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Is There A CLEAR And Present Danger?

Since, nearly everything, our national leader, does, or fails to do, as well as the level of attention, focus, decisiveness, and empathy, employed by those elected to represent us, has potential ramifications, the nation, faces challenges and obstacles, which must be addressed, in a well – considered, timely manner. Indeed, unaware, unprepared, self – serving, unfocused leadership, has the potential, to create undesirable, longer – term effects. However, there is a need, to put things, into perspective, in order to differentiate, between, mere political differences of opinion, versus, those, presenting, the possibility of a CLEAR and present danger. With that in mind, this article will attempt to identify, review, consider, and briefly, discuss, using the mnemonic approach, why this is an essential consideration.

1. Character; choices; clarity; common good; creative; caring: The first thing to evaluate, should be, the basic character, of a leader. President Trump, for example, has often appeared, to pit one against another, using an adversarial approach, rather than an unifying one. This impacts the choices made, and whether, common good, is prioritized, over self – interest and/ or political agenda. Examine whether the message is rhetoric – oriented, or, one, of clarity and facts. We need a leader, who avoids blaming, complaining, or the same – old, and proceeds, in a creative, well – considered, caring, solutions – focused, way.

2. Listen; learn; leadership; logic: Wouldn’t we be better off, if our public officials listened, more, to the people, and had, both, the willingness and ability, to truly, learn, from every conversation, experience, and history? Quality leadership considers options and alternatives, thoroughly, and uses actual logic, rather than rhetoric.

3. Empathy; emphasis; excellence; enrich: Leading should not be about an office holder, but, about needs, priorities, goals, etc, and genuine empathy. Where must they place their emphasis. We need and deserve public officials, who don’t constantly, settle for good – enough, but seek quality and excellence. An elected official should emphasize enriching our lives.

4. Attention; aptitude; articulate; aims: How we pay attention, today, often determines how, we’ll be, in the future. Leaders must enhance their skills, and develop a relevant, quality, aptitude. Listen to how someone articulates, his message, and read, between the lines, in order to acquire insight, into their real aims, goals and priorities.

5. Relevant; rationale; realistic; reasons; reasoning; reasonable: One is only proceeding, in a rational way, when he pays attention to sustainable ramifications. What is the rationale and reasoning, behind actions, and behavior? Are their reasons, pure, and reasonable?

We are presently, in a period, where today’s priorities, actions, and focus, potentially, will have significant ramifications. Protect future generations, and make our world, more sustainable.

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Valentine Presents For Men

Want to have sweet romantic success with your guy this Valentine’s? Gals you can shoot Cupid’s arrow straight through the heart of your man with these 5 heart melting Valentine Presents For Men ideas.

One thing that separates couples with ‘out of this world’ relationships, is they never stop doing new, fun and exciting things with their partner. In other words, they never stop doing those things that make them laugh and smile at each other and neither should you.

Spend this Valentine’s Day doing fun things. Believe me when I say that NOTHING can rekindle the excitement in your relationship more than going on a fun and creative Valentine date together.

All of the following 5 “Valentine Presents For Men” ideas can be combined with a creative Valentine’s date.

1. Buy two stuffed animals, one reflecting your personality and the other reflecting your love’s personality. Dress them with telltale accessories that leave no doubt that they are you and your man. Attach a note on one that says, You’re my…roaring lion… handsome hippo…gentle lamb…devoted puppy, frog disguised as a prince, and on the other, I’m your…pussycat, tiger, tootie muffin, cuddle bunny or whatever your nick name is.

2. Make a box-within-a-box package. Wrap a small item and place it in a larger box with an item that isn’t wrapped. Wrap that box and place it in yet a larger box with another unwrapped item. Do this until you have one large box wrapped with loving messages written all over it.

3. Buy tickets to the movies or sports event and put the “prize? in a box of Cracker Jacks.

4. Make a CD of love songs and put it inside a clear plastic case. Design a cover and list each song and a little write-up on how it relates to your feelings or the memories of being together.

5. Wrap little gifts and hide them all over the house. Write up “hint” sheets for their locations. Play Scavenger Hunt and watch your guy delight in solving the clues and finding special treats.

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FHTM Business Presentation – 2 Reasons Why This Presentation Rocks!

The FHTM Business Presentation has been making headlines in the network marketing world, creating speculation among the network marketers. The reasons for so much hype and success of this company are because of two main reasons.

Firstly, the money-spinning pay plan of the FHTM Business Presentation makes it one of the hottest selling network marketing companies. This company was initiated and launched by marketers for marketers. The creator of the company fully understands and identifies himself with the needs of marketers in the network marketing world. He is aware of the fact that lucrative incomes must be paid to the representatives. Unlike most network marketing companies, Fortune Hi Tech Marketing actually gives back 95 percent of their income to their marketers. In addition to this, this company is said to not have any debt.

The second reason that makes the FHTM Business presentation stand out from among all the network marketing companies is its policy of doing business presentations personally instead of doing them online. While I’m not 100% behind this approach, I’ll admit that the non availability of information online can create a sense of curiosity in the minds of the people. The information about the company can be accessed only through personal meeting or through phone. This strategy has proved to be very effective, making the company grow strong and powerful. The only reason I’m not 100% behind this approach is because online marketing is absolutely powerful as well. However, I’m not knocking their success.

People who learn about the huge reparation plan of this company for the first time find it almost impossible to believe. Not many network marketing companies pays such high reparation to its representatives like FHTM. Nothing can be achieved in life if you do not make an effort and take up risk. Enjoy the FHTM Business Presentation and create for yourself and your family a life you have always dreamed of.

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Time to Find Good Christening Presents?

The invitation is your hands and you’re excited to see the child get christened. There’s only one problem – you have no no idea what any good christening presents are! Don’t worry. Just follow these five tips for finding good christening presents.

1. The most important thing to remember is that this is a special time for all people involved. If you are a godparent, there is more pressure to have a good gift, but it’s okay. While the present might seem stressful, remember how much of an honour it is to be chosen for this duty!

2. Another important consideration for finding good christening presents is that many people will buy a traditional item. While it’s a nice gesture to buy a silver spoon, it would be a shame for the family to have multiple ones. For silver items maybe get a bracelet, necklace, or a crucifix pin. They look nice and the child can grow into it.

3. You don’t have to spend lots of money on this. Remember tip #1. Even what you would spend on a dinner is enough of a budget to find good christening presents.

4. Instead of complicating matters by buying a christening present that the child will outgrow, try this: get something they can use later. A pocketknife, bottle of port, or photo album are all gifts that would be useful when the child matures.

5. Have you considered giving an investment in the child’s name? Imagine them finding out what some stocks are worth 20 years from now! It’s not as difficult as you might think to do this either, and even opening up a savings account at a bank would be beneficial.

So if you really want to find the best christening presents, don’t worry. Just follow these tips and enjoy this special time!

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Home-Based Professional Jobs – Creating Multimedia Presentations

There are many home-based professional jobs that can bring in a steady income and still offer the flexibility most people are looking for in a work from home job. These days it pays to get creative and think of unique skills you can offer to a potential client. One idea that comes to mind is working as a freelance multimedia presentation designer.

Many businesses don’t have a need to create these types of presentations on a regular basis. On the occasion that they need one created, they usually pull an employee from their regular job and have them work on it. Typically the employee will know the basics but not the special features of the programs they’re working with. Most companies don’t even think of hiring an outside expert to work on the presentation. That’s where you come in.

Hiring you to work on their presentations on an at need basis has several benefits to the company. First, they won’t have to pull an employee off of another project. They also will have someone whose expertise is in creating these presentations, which will lead to a much more professional product. They will not have to worry about hiring an employee specifically for these tasks, only to have them sit around with no work a lot of the time.

All you have to do is point out these reasons to businesses. Let them know that you can provide this valuable service and they will only have to pay for the projects they need. This is a great idea for a home-based professional job that will bring in tons of money, on your own terms.

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Great Presentation Skills – 5 Sure Fire Ways To Lure Your Audiences Back

Have you come across times whilst making your presentation, you feel like your audience is drifting into la la land or they beginning to switch off? According to communication psychologist people give a lot of non-verbal messages about whether they are listening. As a rule, if you see your audience start crossing their legs, fidgeting or looking around often, chances are you losing their attention. How to rein in those who are starting to switch off? I present to you the 5 strategies.

1. Sudden Change.

Yes. It true. A sudden pause or change in vocal tone, pitch and volume can awaken the mind. But remember, if you want to use this technique successfully, be prepared to follow up with something insightful or clever. Otherwise, you will look stupid

2. Ask a Question.

This is the classic method which my teachers always use in lectures or tutorials. When she sees someone dozing off or is pre-occupied with something else other than her lesson (usually its me) she will say “I am going to ask a question on what I just said..” We all usually perk up and become attentive.

3. Get the Audience involved as a Group

An example of this method is ask for a show of hands for the concurrence or disagreement on a topic or subject. Doing so will definitely rouse the non-attentive. Further more you can use this technique as a spring board to ask questions and get some answers.

4. Pin Point & Identify

This is a trick to pin point a particular non listener, identify with him so that the other laggards will come along. How you do this is simple. When you “catch” someone not listening, recoup his attention, and make him the new person you are relating to in your presentation. This would generally give the other a jolt because they do not want to be the next one to be singled out.

5. Test Them

If you find that the audience is wavering off, quickly say: “Let me go on for a couple more minutes. Then I will ask a handful of you some questions.” This not only gets them to listen for also prepares them for the questions you are going to ask

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Creative Ways to Get the Audience Involved in Your Presentation

There may have been a time in history when audiences would just sit quietly while a presenter rambled on. Perhaps people were “trained” by society to accept whatever was being dumped on them.

In today’s age, the time of the accommodating audience has passed. Your listeners interact every day with information while they surf the web or, in some cases, through their television remotes in digital cable. Rather than lament the inability of an audience to just passively listen to your presentation, work energetically to involve them in the event. Here are a few easy ways to help you do just that.

1. Ask them to share what they are learning as they learn it.
As you speak, stop after some of the major points and say, “Let’s check in. Turn to someone near you and tell him or her what you just heard me say about (whatever your topic is). Let’s see how well I am doing with helping you learn.” Approach this gently and humorously. Give the attendees a chance to reenergize by processing your talk as it happens to cement the new learning into their minds. Do this several times as you speak, giving the audience just a few minutes to interact.

2. They can tell a story of their experiences with your subject.
This is especially good at the very beginning of a presentation. Say, “Today I am talking about (the subject). Is there a time in your life when you or someone you know encountered (the subject)? How did you react to it? How does (the subject) fit into your life? Turn and briefly tell your story to the person in the next seat.” You can also do this at the end of your presentation, asking folks to talk about something that came to mind as you spoke.

3. Invite them to create a quick sample or demonstration with your information.
I recently had a chance to teach marketing to fellow performing artists. While most artists struggle with the idea of marketing, today’s world requires them to embrace new ways of thinking. After I presented examples of critical marketing tools, I turned the audience loose to create examples of the items we had just discussed. Working in small pick-up groups of five or six audience members, the participants picked up large pieces of paper and markers I had left at tables in the back of the room. As they worked to make an example of a business card, post card or one-sheet, they discussed among themselves the material I had presented. Rather than being passive observers, they were now part of teaching each other.

Regardless of your topic, there are ways for you to move your presentation from something people look at to something they can experience. We know from studying the psychology of learning that every time we add another sense (such as touch, smell, hearing) to a presentation, retention of the learning is increased. Help your audience to take hold of your subject and give them a creative way to interact with you and each other.

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TV Presenting 321

If you have ever dreamt of a career in the entertainment field, especially becoming a TV presenter/TV host, then TV Presenting 321 has the expert knowledge to get you there. Everyone has dreams and we can help you turn yours into a reality.

Use our steps to become the sensation you have imagined. We have the know how to help you get to the top of your game creating the best TV personality you can be. A TV presence does not take special training but there are some things you need to know in order to get the best out of yourself. Follow our lead and you will be astonished at the success you can have.

This fantastic guide to success contains 20 videos giving you the information you need to get your career going, walking you every step of the way. If you want access to the information the insiders know get this program for your training. Many people going into TV presenting/TV hosting do not know the do’s and don’ts and in this program we give you the skills you need and tell you what you need to do to stand out from the crowd.

TV Presenting 321 can help you develop a new image in TV broadcasting if you believe your image needs revitalising. If you are trying to develop a career we can point you in the right direction saving you much valuable time. This material proves over and over that it is unnecessary for a person to be an expert to fulfill their dream of becoming a TV presenter/TV host. Get this program and let it help you to focus on your aspirations to be the newest talk show host on the television talk list.

With more and more channels being added to the cable stations each year there are more opportunities for TV presenter/TV hosts than ever before. The number of shows being created is climbing and with this material you can prepare yourself to join the ranks of some of the top TV hosts. Learn how to look like a professional and hold your audiences attention. Learn what it is TV producers are looking for and increase your income beyond your wildest dreams.

If you have a love for being a TV presenter/TV host you will want to sign up for this great course. This course will push you right to the front of the class with the inside methods of standing out from the crowd, with reliable information to help you obtain the recognition you desire. If this is what you really want to do you cannot afford to let this insightful course slide through your fingers. A program that tells you in detail everything you want to know about the business of presenting.

If you are already in the industry and are not doing as well as you feel you should then this program is also for you and it will help you to find out where you may have been making your mistakes. Correct and watch your career soar. Read the testimonials from people who have tried our program and give success a try yourself.

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Delivering Presentations

When asked to give a presentation, consider using the four P’s of presentation steps to help you with your delivery. The four P’s are: Plan, Prepare, Practice, and Perform. This article will address steps three and four, which are related to practicing and performing the presentation.

During the Practice step, you will rehearse multiple times to get your timing and topic perfected. While giving the presentation out loud to yourself, you may think of details you may want to add for your specific audience and other items your wish to drop for sake of time.

  • First, rehearse the presentation out loud and time yourself giving it to make sure you can get your main points across in the time allotted and that it flows well. If not, revise your presentation. This also gives you the opportunity to determine where to add speech emphasis, use hand gestures, or add in a pause for effect.
  • Then, practice more with someone observing and timing. Ask the observer to give you honest feedback to improve your presentation.
  • Finally and if possible, plan time to practice in the actual setting for the presentation. This allows you to find potential problems and find a work-around before the presentation.

When you Perform you will be confident and should be able to avoid too many um’s and uh’s, grasping the podium, or putting hands in your pockets when speaking. You are ready to go and at the location where you will be giving the presentation. However, below is a short list of do’s and don’ts to remember before, during, and after the presentation performance.

  • Do be sure you have an introduction prepared to give to the person introducing you. If you are not introduced, you can give your own name and credentials from the introduction you prepared.
  • Don’t read directly off your visuals or try to memorize the entire presentation. Know your subject well and let it flow naturally.
  • Do show your passion and enthusiasm for subject when talking, but don’t overdo it or the emotion gets the attention instead of the topic.
  • Don’t forget to thank the audience for their time or make some statement that lets them know you are closing.
  • Do plan to have a question and answer period. Think of questions you may be asked and come up with a quick answer for each.

With the Practice and Perform steps, you now understand what is required to give a good presentation. To review the first two steps in preparing a presentation, see article on ” Creating Presentations “.

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