Powerful Product Presentations, Your Most Potent Tools, Part 1 of 3

In the marketplace, value is built, profit is protected and sales are closed by salespeople who possess superior presentation skills. There are tools that can separate you from the crowd if you take the time to master them. If you don’t, you will find yourself leaving prospects under served and sales opportunities lost. Here is one of those tools.

Superior product knowledge is at the heart of any professional sales presentation. I’m constantly amazed that salespeople would attempt to service a prospect without knowing the basic facts about their product, let alone the finer details. Customers need salespeople to be an accurate source of information so that they can make a well informed and positive buying decision. A salesperson who is inept at providing that supportive product information is inviting the prospect to shop and, more importantly, to buy elsewhere.

It’s not simply good enough to have stats about your product since most customers care little about them. However, it is most critical to have significant information as to how the product will perform when used by the prospect. After all, your customer will be far more interested in what the product will be able to deliver in the way of personal benefits.

Now, while most salespeople are well trained on their own product line up, usually by their managers or their suppliers, many fall far short in knowledge about their competitor’s offerings. This knowledge is often as important to a master salesperson as is total understanding of their own products. Why?

If your prospect is considering another brand or model from your competitor, you can often eliminate the need to shop around if you can show significant advantages that your product has over the competitor’s by way of comparison.

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