What to Expect at a Timeshare Presentation

If you have been invited to take part in a timeshare presentation you may be wondering what to expect. Simply getting your free dinner and walking away may be a little more difficult than one might expect. Remember you are dealing with salespeople who are skillful at what they do, hence they are often hard to resist.

Typically, the presentation will include an introduction with a sales representative. They will tell you what to expect and try to find out a little bit of information about you. Where you like to vacation, the amenities you would love to have, and, of course, they will try to gather how much money you have and how serious you are about purchasing a timeshare. If they feel you have a lot of money the sales pitch will be intense. If they don’t think you are likely to buy, you will still be asked a lot of personal information so the sales person can choose which approach to come at you with in order to get the sale.

There will be speakers offering exciting information about how great the timeshare is and the amenities and perks that are included when purchasing their timeshare. They will ask if there are any questions. If you ask questions be warned that they will use your questions in an attempt to make you more susceptible to a an even tougher sales pitch.

If they see you vacillating on your decision the pressure will intensify. They will try to have you sign a timeshare contract immediately and will tell you that you have to sign that day or you will lose out on certain amenities. Do not believe this. If you are seriously thinking about a timeshare and this is a reputable company they will honor your request to take as much time as you need to make sure this is the right decision for you and your family. They will want you to be happy with your purchase and will be less likely to scam you out of lots of money with increases in fees and maintenance costs.

If you are seriously considering purchasing a timeshare unit, make sure you do your homework and research the company involved. The end result about signing a timeshare contract without fully understanding what it entails is not a pretty one. Many timeshare consumers find themselves stuck with a timeshare unit that they no longer want but are stuck with it because they cannot get out of their contract.

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